[ISEA2020] Paper: Byeongwon Ha — The Revisit of Sentience: Nam June Paik’s Big Sleep in Interactive Art

Abstract (short paper)

Keywords: Nam June Paik, Sentience, Interactive Art, Participatory Art, Random Access, Exposition of Music, Video Art, Video Sculpture

Nam June Paik created unprecedented art projects for his first solo exhibition in 1963. He invented a variety of interactive art pieces with diverse senses. They encouraged visitors to intervene in the process of making/manipulating unfinished art projects. Even though Paik ambitiously made interactive art for the audience, later on he hardly created interactive art. This paper examines concrete evidence for why he stopped making interactive art and about 30 years later revisited it as cutting-edge art.

  • Byeongwon Ha is an assistant professor in Media Arts in the School of Visual Art and Design at the University of South Carolina. He has created as an artist in the field of new media art in Columbia, South Carolina. His research traces a significant transition from analog media, including film, architecture, and video, to new media. bwonha.com