[ISEA2020] Paper: Ellen Pearlman — AIBO: An Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligent Brainwave Opera, Part 2, Or The Making Of A “Sicko” AI


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, GPT-2, semantic analysis, brainwave opera, performance, machine learning brain computer interface

Artificial Intelligent (AI) agents are exponentially increasing in power and sophistication. With the addition of Open AI’s breakthrough new algorithm GPT-2 into the toolbox of developers the ability to mimic human dialogue and produce fake, but believable interactions between humans and computer-based agents is fully upon us. As I develop “AIBO” (Artificial Intelligent Brainwave Opera), an emotionally intelligent artificial intelligent brainwave opera, I am implementing a biased, or ‘sicko’ AI as one of the two main characters. This development has been created in response to one of my research questions, “Can an AI be fascist?” This paper explores the construction a ‘sicko’ or perverted AI for artistic use as part of the overall process based work of developing an AI brainwave opera.

  • Ellen Pearlman (RISEBA University, Riga, Latvia) is a New York based new media artist, educator, critic and writer. She is a Senior Researcher Assistant Professor at RISEBA University, Latvia, Director of ThoughtWorks Arts, a Fulbright World Learning Specialist, Vertigo STARTS Laureate and Zero1 American Arts Incubator/U.S. State Department of Cultural Affairs artist. Ellen obtained her PhD from City University Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media where her thesis was awarded highest global honors by Leonardo LABS Abstracts.