[ISEA2020] Paper: Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu & Hsing-Jou Yeh — Archive or Alive: The Experimental VR Digital Collection of Shou-You LIU’s Shapde 5.5


Keywords: Shou-Yuo Liu, Shapde5.5, digital archive, virtual reality

Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu was a project dedicated to applying contemporary digital technology to the methodological construction and R&D of non-material archiving technique concerning performers’ body movement. Breaking away from previous practice of single-perspective recording, this project provided a sweep panorama of the performer’s whole body, insofar as to give the spectators a 3D stereo view of the performer’s body movement. This paper assumes that, apart from collecting existing objects, this archiving technique can be applied to comprehensively and objectively preserving works from different periods and the body languages that have not been systematically handled by the other archiving techniques yet, so that we can channel unprecedentedly vigorous energy of art into our archival display with new technologies of data restoration and presentation.
Premised on the aforementioned assumption, this paper seeks to investigate the digital technology R&D and technological culture analysis accomplished in “Liu’s Solo Dance”, thereby explicating how this new performing arts genre transformed ephemeral art into a virtually archived work affording timeless admiration.

  • Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu is now a full professor in Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art, and Director of Center of Arts, College of Arts at National Tsing Hua University, as well as a curator, photographer, art critic. Prof. Chiu is also the supervisor of Digital Art Foundation Taipei and has participated in many curatorial works including Post-Digital Anthropocene, IP EXPO, 2015-16 Taiwan Digital Art Festival – Trend, Taipei Digital Art Festivals, the 4th Digital Performing Art Festival, and also many international exhibitions and festivals worldwide including Hong Kong, Boston and Madrid. Prof. Chiu is also a prolific writer. His most recent publication titled “Significant Discourse and Local Practice: New Media Art in Taiwan’s Context” (2012) has become one of the most important texts in New Media Art in Taiwan’s academia.
  • Hsing-Jou Yeh is now the Chief Coordinator in ET@T (Taipei, Taiwan) and Interim Secretary-general in Digital Art Foundation (DAF). She graduated from Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management, Taipei National University of the Arts in 2013. She joined ET@T and DAF in 2014, served as project manager in ET@T and coordinator of international affairs in DAF. ET@T has been dedicated to on-line archive project since 2015, focusing on cultural events in the late 1990s in northern Taiwan, which are mostly filmed by ET@T after it was founded in 1995. ET@T produced “Archive or Alive: Digital Archiving Development of a Solo Dance by Shou-Yuo Liu” project and participated Concept Museum of Arts organized by DAF in 2019. etat.com/about