[ISEA2020] Panel: Su Hyun Nam, Stanzi Vaubel, Garrett Johnson & Sanglim Han — Beyond Anthropocentrism: Art Practices to expand human experience, understanding, and creativity

Panel Statement

Keywords: Media Art, Responsive Media, Experiential Understanding, Nonhuman, Planetary Cognitive Ecology, New Materialism, Radical Feminism, Affect Theory

This panel unfolds ideas around Animality, and the papers undertake a critical discussion on the relationship between the human and nonhuman and explore possibilities for us, as humans, to transcend intelligence and consciousness by focusing on nonlinguistic and affective experiences. Each panel focuses on different subjects in this context and introduces art projects as research methods, ranging from 3D game art, media performance and responsive media. This discussion leads us to acknowledge limitations in the anthropocentric perspective and to rethink how we should live, interact and co-evolve with nonhumans.

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  • Su Hyun Nam: As an interdisciplinary media artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, technology, science, and philosophy, Su Hyun Nam explores her relationship to digital media with an artistic and meditative approach to computation. Her work, including an interactive video installation, 3D game art, and media performance, has been exhibited both nationally and internationally at venues from Spain, UAE, Greece, and Singapore to South Korea. Her community-based media art projects were showcased at Burchfield Penney Art Center and Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, New York, and her papers have been presented at SIGGRAPH Asia in Japan and the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Colombia (ISEA2017). Su Hyun Nam earned an M.F.A in art and technology studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University, USA and a Ph.D. candidate in media study at the State University of New York at Buffalo. suhyunnam.com
  • Garrett Laroy Johnson works with responsive media environments to probe, condition, engender, and refract relations between technological determinations and productions of subjectivity. Trained as a musician and musicologist, questions of ensemble, materiality, expression, gesture, and vocality are central to his research. Johnson designs and creates digital-physical systems to compose with sound, light, and expressive materials in immersive and quotidian spaces alike. Johnson has presented research-creation at ACM MOCO, SEAMUS, SLSA and SLSAeu, ACLA, AAG, and has had works performed and exhibited at Kennedy Center as well as the National Academy of Sciences in DC, in London, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Phoenix. A significant aspect of his work deals in community building and organizing, exemplified in varied and far-flung groups such as LORKAS (the laptop orchestra of arizona state, 2013-2015), PHuN (the post-human network, 2016-present), and ITITIT{inc} (2017-present). Garrett received an MA in musicology from Arizona State University and a B.M in Music History from Ohio University. He’s currently a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, USA. He is a researcher at Synthesis @ ASU and ASU’s Center for Philosophical Technologies.
  • Sanglim Han explores disembodied, fragmented, and interstitial bodies. Through performative media, primarily simulated 3D animations and experimental games, she creates a site for fluctuating identities where our personal and social experiences are revisited, and boundaries are convoluted. Her works have been presented internationally at various venues and festivals from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey to the USA. She first enrolled at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, then began her art studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After receiving her BFA, she researched an intersection between art and science at the University of California, Los Angeles where she received her MFA. sanglimhan.work

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