[ISEA2020] Panel: Nina Czegledy, Pier Luigi Capucci, Ian Clothier, Roberta Buiani & Elena Giulia Rossi — The ocean that keeps us apart also joins us: charting knowledge and practice in the Anthropocene

Panel Statement

Keywords: Climate crisis, intercultural, interdisciplinarity, intergenerational, indigenous, new knowledge, art, science, culture, technology

This panel consist of five experts who have collaborated across hemispheres of Earth in the context of environment. Collaboration has become increasingly common over the past 15 years, to now being a pre-eminent form of creative practice. Over the same period, the human connection to climate change has moved from being predominantly known in academia, to a situation where the climate crisis is widely acknowledged intergenerationally and across most mass media. This development has forced a revision of knowledge and theory, led to engagement with indigenous peoples and new sites for projects. The notion of the constitution of a sentient human being has changed, in particular moving out of solely Western conceptions. These forces have led to an activist reorientation in creative practice, with ramifications for art, society, humanity and Earth which together lead to a re-shaping of language.

  • Nina Czegledy is an independent media artist, curator, and researcher with international and national academic affiliations is based in Toronto, Canada. She collaborates on interdisciplinary projects internationally.
  • Pier Luigi Capucci is an Italy-based researcher, academic and EU consultant on art/science/technology. President of Noema and founder of art*science-Art & Climate Change project.
  • Ian Clothier has exhibited in public space 107 times in 15 countries including six ISEA exhibitions, as artist, curator and events producer. Primary works have involved engaging with art, science, culture and technology frequently with indigenous peoples and in the context of environment.
  • Roberta Buiani is a researcher, activist and media artist based in Toronto working at the intersection of science, technology and creative resistance. She is co-founder of the ArtSci Salon at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and is program advisor for the Subtle Technologies Festival.
  • Since 1999, Elena Giulia Rossi has expressed her research throughout writing, curating, teaching, based on exploring contemporary art and its relationship with science and technology, from a socio-anthropological perspective. She is founder and editorial director of Arshake. Reinventing Technology (www.arshake.com).

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