[ISEA2020] Institutional Presentation: Filipe Londono — Image Fest 2020

Institutional Presentation Statement n.a.

  • Felipe Cesar Londoño (CO), Director International Image Fest, Since 2019 Dean Faculty Arts and Design, University Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia. 2014-2018 Rector Universidad de Caldas. Colombia. Founder and Director of International Image Festival, an event held since 1997, in Manizales, Colombia, integrating art, science and technology. Curator of Monographic Show of Media Art and exhibitions of the International Image Festival, since 1997. Felipe was co-founder of the Department of Visual Design, director of Master and PhD in Design & Creation, director of PhD in Design & Creation, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, professor participant of PhD in Multimedia Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain, director of the research group DICOVI – Design and visual cognition in virtual environments (A1). He has done the following research: Serious game on citizen participation, Interaction, public space and new technologies, design and development of multimedia educational materials in higher education, Digital Design, Interfaces of Virtual Communities, Patterns of Color in Caldas, The World of Visual Design, and Visual Expression in Cities Bahareque, among others. He has published several books, including: “Landscapes and new territories. Mapping and interactions in visual and virtual environments”, his doctoral thesis: “Interfaces of Virtual Communities”, the research: “Patterns of Color”, “DIGITAL DESIGN. Methodology for creating interactive projects”, among others. utadeo.edu.co/en/utadeo-english-version festivaldelaimagen.com/en ucaldas.edu.co