[ISEA2019] Curator Statement: Chosun University Department of Art — Media Art Productions

Curator Statement

Public locations outside ACC

Organized by Chosun University LINC+(Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation), Gwangju Cultural Foundation As the ISEA2019 Local Engaged Workshop, the students who are majoring in Contemporary Formative Media at Chosun University created media art pieces on the theme “Lux Aeterna” of ISEA2019. They thought about the eternity of light and tried to express it as life, crowd, and nature. Those works will be displayed around various venues in Asian Culture Center.

  • Han Jung Hee, Seong Yeon Ho, Mun Mi Jung, Choi Jeen Soo, Cho Ha Eun, Lee Ha Na, Park Sea Hee, Choi Yoon Jung — The course of the journey
  • Jung Deok Yong, Seo Yea In, Lee Dan Bi, Hong Ji Hye, Yang Yea Lim, Kim Tae Yang — Crowd
  • Yoon Sang Ha, Bae U Ri, Kim Ji Eun, Choi So Young, Kim Won Wi, Go Jung Hun — Two lights and artificial cloud