[ISEA2019] Artists Statement: Jungki Baek & Hyung-Gi Kim — Walking alone on a Clear Night

Artists Statement

7′, Musical sonification

Contemporary artists introduce various works which express the city into music using personal inspiration. However, music made by improvisational inspiration is only a personal impression of the city. It cannot share the unique structure of the city by that. I experimented with music composition method based on objective city structure. And developed a method. I call it “musical sonification”. “musical sonification” is not just a city analysis, but a work that can share and enjoy the city. Walking alone on a Clear Night is a representative work using “musical sonification”. I look forward to enjoying the diverse structure and fashion of Seoul through my works.

  • Jungki Baek dropped out of the Department of Painting in Hongik University, South Korea, and graduated from the Department of the Korean National University of Arts and Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Sciences in Chung-Ang University. Having his first private exhibition in 2008, he has had 5 private exhibitions, and participated in multiple team competitions. Jungki Baek was an artist in residence at Hongeun Creative Art Center in 2012 and Gyeonggi Creative Center in 2013.
  • Hyung-Gi Kim is a digital media artist and the professor of the Art & Technology at Chung-Ang University, South Korea. He was the Chief Director of INDAF 2009, Tomorrow Festival 2010 and Busan Lighting Festival 2010.