[ISEA2019] Artists Statement: NOS Visuals, Nohlab, Osman Koç & Udi Bonen — Deep Space Music

Artists Statement

NOS is an ever-changing performance built on the real-time interaction between audio and visual elements via NOS Visual Engine. In ISEA2019, pianist Udi Bonen will join Nos Visuals at the Art Center Nabi for another unique experience, based on 2012’s Deep Space Music in Ars Electronica.
The contemporary compositions ranging from Prokofiev, Cage, Ligeti, Messiaen, Feldman and Glass to Shoshtakovich will be turned into an audiovisual experience by NOS. NOS software will make real-time sound analysis as part of its visual calculations during the performance, creating a hybrid perception. Nohlab’s instant intervention with the visual turns the process of visual creation into a performance itself. Minimal geometric forms of NOS acting jointly with the contemporary compositions will open new doors to interlocking areas in audience’s perception, inviting them to almost a synesthesia-like experience, unique to that moment alone. Video: Deep Space Music in Ars Electronica.

  • NOS Visuals is a collaborative platform formed by the multidisciplinary studio Nohlab (Candas Sisman and Deniz Kader) and creative coder Osman Koç, that aims a holistic perception for sound and visuals. NOS Visuals uses NOS Engine, a custom real-time visualization tool enabling audio input directly affect the visuals, and simultaneously functioning as an instrument that opens up the visual creation process to artistic intervention. nosvisuals.com  instagram.com/nos_visuals
  • Nohlab – Art Direction and Performance. Nohlab is a multidisciplinary studio, focusing on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology. It builds a bridge between the digital and the physical reality, while examining the relationship of technology with art and design. nohlab.com
  • Osman Koç – Creative Coding and Performance. Osman Koç, is a San Francisco, USA, based creative technologist/artist, whose main research focus is on experimenting different physical interaction methods for installations, spaces and stages.  kocosman.com
  • Udi Bonen – Pianist. Udi is a graduate of the “Buchman-Mehata” school of music in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and the postgraduate program for experimental music and sound art at “Musrara” in Jerusalem. He has performed at festivals and venues in Berlin, Paris, Banff Canada, New York, and Newcastle.

Organized and sponsored by Art Center Nabi