[ISEA2019] Artists Statement: Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber – Telepresence

Artists Statement

Virtual Reality headsets, headphones, computer, monitor

Telepresence is an 8 minute, 8-channel sound VR live performance. The performance takes place in a physical space with an 8.2 octophonic sound system, 4 amps, and a live trumpet performer. Eight audience members are seated in rotating chairs in the center of the sound system, each wearing an Oculus Go, as the performer performs around them. Additional audience members can sit around the outskirts of the sound system and watch the performance take place without the Oculus Go. The 8 Oculus Go’s are networked to a central server via WIFI, so the audience experiences the same virtual environment. Telepresence can be performed once every 30-minutes, 4-5 times a day.

  • Kiran Bhumber is a media artist, composer, musician and educator based in Vancouver, Canada. Kiran constructs interactive installations and performance systems that allow performers and audiences to engage with themes relating to cultural memory, embodiment, and nostalgia.
  • Nancy Lee is an interdisciplinary media artist, filmmaker and electronic music curator. Nancy recently directed a VR 360 video dance film Tidal Traces produced by the National Film Board of Canada which has been screened at Mutek, SXSW, and Cannes Film Festival. JP Carter is a Juno award-winning musician from Vancouver, Canada. Carter’s singular approach to the trumpet and versatility as an improviser and composer make him a vital contributor to the Vancouver music community.