[ISEA2019] Artist Statement: Han Lee – Lam

Artist Statement

Computer, controllers, edison light bulbs, motion sensor, projectors, dimensions variable.

Light. Joy. Playground.
Starry and emotionally warm lights bloom out and reach to your heart. Light, the first thing of the beginning interacts to your motions. It actively responds to you by bursting with positive energy.
LamX is an interactive light artwork that simulates the light talking to you. Physical light bulbs with digital light waves make a mixed reality and unique environment. It is a delightful dialogue, an aesthetic scene, and a beautiful moment. When redefining the light in the artistic language, Lee was interested in how light spreads out and fills the air when it slows down. With the question “How does light interact when considered a living creature?”, LamX was given a personality which is shown through the choreography of lighting.
When interacting with LamX, the light leads and follows the viewer wherever one goes. It is positive and waiting to play with humans. It calls and invites the viewer to the playground and shelter. Lee often brings rain into his artwork as a sample of immersive sound and dynamic reactions. Rain to him symbolizes the power of life that comes alive by its movement. Rain fills the air emotionally like a light. He borrowed it, the result making the analog emotions of light richer. He uses round and line which are 0 and 1, as primary graphic elements. The binary codes are aligned with wires, light bulbs, and ripples. LamX also has two light shows full of emotional scenes and story-telling. It is a 7min-length unique light show that performs at a certain time with motion graphics, lightings, and motivating emotional music that has been composed and performed by Lee.  hanlee.com/isea2019-lux-aterena  Video: LamX

  • Han Lee (South Korea) is a New York-based new media artist who captures nature and transforms it into a form of mechanical elements with physical computing and programmed digital arts. He tries to imitate nature by making his artwork come alive and interact with visitors. He is best known for immersive interactive light artwork, LamX, that presents the powerful invisible world beyond small light objects. He breaks a limitation of the physical world by expanding with digital technology, a storyline, and music. He is also a well-known designer, a motion designer, and a musician. Lee Han won various international prestigious awards in the commercial design industry. His artwork has been shown in many places, including New York, Jersey City, Atlanta, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jerusalem, Haifa, Suwon, Jeju Island, and Seoul. He also has collaborated with major companies across the world and used to serve as a juror of various awards. hanlee.com