[ISEA2019] Artist Statement: Yiannis Kranidiotis – CYMA {Fos}

Artist Statement

Acrylic, Arduino, data driven kinetic light & sound sc lpture, leds, motor, Raspberry Pi, screen, speakers & custom software, 100x300x100 cm.

Cyma {Fos} (from Greek: küµa, meaning “wave” and cpωʕ meaning “light”) is a real-time data-driven kinetic light and sound sculpture highly inspired by natural repeatability and wave movement. An array of light acrylic bars, connected only with a metal wire passed from the center, is hanged from the ceiling and reaches the floor. The bottom bar is rotating periodically and sets the whole sculpture in motion. The motion of the bottom bar is creating a wave that physically spreads from one bar to the other. Real-time data of the solar wind are defining the motion of the wave. The whole sculpture is waving without any mechanical force (except the bottom bar), in the natural fundamental frequency and in higher modes called harmonics in a hypnotic and mesmerizing way.
The movement of the sculpture is driven in real time by live data of the solar wind. The strength of the wave movement (amplitude of the modulation) is controlled by the solar wind speed and the mode of waves (fundamental or harmonics) is controlled by the north-south direction of the interplanetary magnetic field (Bz). A screen placed near the sculpture projects the data and movement visualization.
While the sculpture is moving, the horizontal bars light in various colors. The position, speed, amplitude and other properties of the wave motion are affecting the light patterns of the sculpture. At the same time, the sound is following a similar approach. There are 58 sinusoidal audio oscillators, each for every light bar, with different frequencies (from 50 to 150 Hz). The position of each bar is changing the volume of the oscillator. Additional sounds have been added to the final soundscape.   kranidiotis.gr/cyma-fos  Video: CYMA {Fos}

  • Yiannis Kranidiotis is an artist whose work explores the relationship between science and art using mainly light, motion and sound to create spaces and experiences where all coexist and interact. He is interested in physical phenomena like the harmonic oscillation, the natural repeatability, and the wave movement and also in exploring and transforming scientific data, like the new exoplanet discoveries or the solar wind properties. Many of his works include motion and interaction where others include data processing and sonification methods. This requires a cross-disciplinary work with sound, visual arts, coding, electronics, and physics. He has a BS in Physics from University of Patras and M.Sc. in Optics from Essex University. His work has been presented in BOZAR, Maintenant, SPECTRA, ADAF, and many websites and magazines have published articles about his work including “Google Cultural Institute“, “The Creators Project“, “Arduino.org”, “Gizmodo“, “Open Culture“, “Hyperallergic“, “Bigthink” and “Konstvärlden”. kranidiotis.gr