[ISEA2018] Artist Statement: Jess Holz — Microsculptures

Artist Statement

Art, Science & Us sub-programme

Exhibition/installation and film screening at the Natural History Museum

Jess Holz creates ‘microsculptures’ incorporating insect and plant material, imaged by scanning electron microscopy. By collaging materials into small sculptures she creates imagined interactions between entities present. Most recently, she’s been experimenting with bizarre distortions due to charge buildup (an imaging artifact) as a way to challenge the assumed objectivity of scientific images.

  • Jess Holz (USA, b. 1985) creates artworks which give the viewer a peek into normally invisible worlds, as well as a chance to reflect on the influence of scientific visual culture on our collective imagination. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Art+Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; previously she has worked in several labs and imaging facilities, gaining valuable technical experience with a number of microscopic imaging techniques. The discrepancy between what can be perceived by eye and what is imaged has fostered her fascination with perceptual systems along with the optical properties of materials. Jess actively exploits this in sculpture and installation.    instagram.com/jessho1z

Supported by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA