[ISEA2018] Artist Statement: Janus Fouche — A Sonic Organism

Artist Statement

The Sonic Organism is a generative audio composition: a living algorithm that exists in real-time entirely as a synthesized generative digital soundscape. It has a pulse, interconnected cellular-structure, and decision-making nerve-centre. With sound being a physically transparent medium, the listener is invited into the creature’s physical anatomy as it inhabits the air in the room. The interconnected cells each emit different sounds and notes, causing it to move and breathe. While it does, the nerve-centre dictates what combinations of cells are played at a time, and in sequence. The result is a set of unique musical compositions, each a different set of physical positions and circumstances in the algorithm’s lifespan, with common threads running through, and repetitions within themes.

  • Janus Fouché is a South African digital artist, working in multimedia projects ranging from interactive electronic musical installations, virtual reality, and animation, to self-organizing biological systems printed or laser-engraved onto paper. He focuses on the digital space as a parallel, abstract, but equally present universe, with its own laws and aesthetics to be constructed, explored, and reflected upon, revealing the underlying systems and relationships of our own experience. Fragments of both worlds are pulled into one-another to create new, unexpected relationships. Organic generative drawings of artificial life, Collages of film and animation meet motion captured puppets and mechanical anthropomorphisms.  janusfouche.co.za