[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Ruy Cézar Campos — Entangled Landing Points

Artists Statement

In the global network of submarine cables infrastructure, landing points are precarious sites, passive of being affected by local actors, by the environment or by security threats. They are, therefore, following Nicole Starosielski, pressure points where insignificant microcirculations can pursue a high impact over intercontinental ocean communication, contesting the friction free nature of global communication. The artist looks to establish a phenomenological bond with this environment of transition of the submarine cables infrastructure, departing from landing points in Fortaleza (Brazil), the most important city in the network of the South Atlantic and where he lives, to landing points in two other cities with which Fortaleza is networked and that are in opposing extremes of the Equatorial South Atlantic: Sangano (Angola) and Barranquilla (Colombia).

  • Ruy Cézar Campos (Brazil) is an emerging artist-researcher experimenting with video, performance and installation art, creating works inspired by subjects such as media and network archeology, sensory ethnography, infrastructural and displacement affectivities. Holds a Bachelor degree in Audiovisual and New Media from University of Fortaleza, a M.A. in Arts and Creative Processes: Contemporary Poetics from Federal University of Ceará and is a PhD candidate in Media Studies: Technologies of Communication and Culture from Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil.     ruycezarcampos.com

Funded by Prefeitura de Fortaleza