[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Carl Skelton, Stephan Siegert & Martin Koplin — Express Yourself: States of Public Mind

Artists Statement

This urban art project proposes additions to the public language of road signs, in preparation for a time when the ubiquity of digital signage in “Smart” cities will make it possible not only to provide dynamic signage, but to do so based on the direct participation of local stakeholders in real time, about a much broader range of concepts relevant to safety and quality of life. ISEA2018 organizers, artists, visitors, neighbours, and everyone else are invited to propose additions to the visual language of the public realm. Everyone is invited to propose alert/ warning/ information/ command sign ideas to complement and extend not only the iconography, but also terms of engagement of the public realm at a hyper-local level in (potentially) real time… Anyone is welcome to email or SMS an idea for a new sign/icon, to add to the States of Public Mind library for Durban. Participants may visit the PS2 stand at KZNSA for to send a finished graphic, a photo of a sketch, a description of an idea, or a single word, at any time!

  • Carl Skelton (USA), Stephan Siegert (Germany) & Martin Koplin (Germany), PS2.  smartsculpture.eu