[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: OZMA — The Lost World Movie-concert

Artists Statement

Using ultra-modern musical influences that echo the revolutionary animation techniques of the time, OZMA unveils to the public an unprecedented version of Harry O. Hoyt’s 1925 masterpiece, the most faithful to the original ever reissued. An hour and twenty minutes of live electro-jazz played to the first major dinosaur movie, The Lost World is loaded with adventures and mysteries, impossible love affairs, special effects and dinosaur battles that OZMA refreshes with improvisation, synths and electronic landscapes.

  • One foot in the liberty of jazz, the other in electro’s trance, both hands covered in greasy rock. OZMA (France) is an energetic quintet driven by Stéphane Scharlé on drums and Edouard Séro-Guillaume on the bass. The band has shared their adventurous yet accessible music through 6 albums and more than 300 concerts on 4 continents.  ozma.fr

Supported by the French Institute in South Africa; Alliance Française de Durban