[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe — zim.doc: An interactive, cross-platform project

Artists Statement

Short film

zim.doc is a cross-platform documentary project, a work-in-progress, that consists of an interactive web-documentary and a real space exhibition. The project emerges from a creative collaboration of a group called Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) based in Harare and filmmakers from NYC/ Barcelona. zim.doc’s interactive documentary juxtaposes the filmmakers’ footage of present day Zimbabwe, with turning-point moments in its history. The story world set in the past blends character narratives (based on personal memories) with historic archives in settings that come to life through the interaction of the user. The scenes take us from the last stages of Colonial Rhodesia, through important moments, (such as the “breadbasket” post liberation, the end of socialism in the 90´s, financial collapse, and land reappropriation), up-until the present day. A new take on the genre of musicals, these story worlds become variable choreographies entwined in rythym and melodies of song. In a society that has been burdened by over simplification made by both the international and state-run national media, by extremes of polarization and of institutional hegemony, zim.doc´s process has been a test in emancipating and reclaiming history.

  • Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) is Zimbabwe’s leading women filmmakers’ organisation, and the oldest functioning film institution in the country. WFOZ now operates as the women’s department under the Institute for Creative Art for Progress (ICAPA). ICAPA is a merger between WFOZ and sister company Nyerai Films. WFOZ is also the lead organization of the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ)- Media, ICTs and Arts Cluster. The organization, founded in 1996, aims to increase the participation and production capacity of women locally and regionally in the audiovisual industry. It also aims to bring women’s issues to the attention of the cinema-viewing and television-watching public.