[ISEA2018] Artist Statement: Wayne Reddiar — Resounding Walls

Artist Statement

Other Realities sub-programme

Resounding Walls takes its conceptual starting point from the interdisciplinary field of Acoustic Ecology and the practice of Sound Design. Acoustic Ecology highlights the importance of creating an awareness of the role that sounds plays in shaping our experience with our respective environment and habitat. These experiences affect us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally. Parallel to this field, the practice of Sound Design has the potential to activate our awareness of our acoustic surrounding. The project will be actualised as an immersive sound installation which intersects with the context of the exhibition space. This will be composed of a Sound Design artwork based on field recordings taken in and around the city of Durban.

  • Wayne Reddiar is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Pietermaritzburg, ZA, who works between media art and spatial art practices. In 2016 he completed a post MA course, entitled Critical Habitats at the Royal Institute of Art (SE), and in 2010 he completed an MA in Digital Arts at the Wits School of Arts (ZA). In 2016 Reddiar  contributed towards The 9th Annual Drama for Life Africa Research Conference, on Decolonising Arts Education, which involved a site specific installation at the historically significant Constitution Hill, in Johannesburg (ZA). Earlier that year he participated in a group exhibition, entitled Population 14 at Galleri Mejan (SE) and for the International Conference on Use and Uselessness in Contemporary Art, at the Royal Institute of Art (SE).