[ISEA2018] Artist Statement: Benny Jonas Nilsen — ORE: Soundscapes of the Anthropogenic Now

Artist Statement

Other Realities sub-programme

ORE focuses on the audio dimensions of contemporary mining techniques and rare earth mineral mining. The project stems from an interest in the global nature of mining for various reasons, ranging from a fascination with deep time (geological and evolutionary processes occur on profoundly different timescales than those we deal with in our daily lives) to the Anthropogenic Now. The concepts of controlling and re-shaping the Earth through mining have major environmental consequences which will be evident far into the Deep Future.

  • BJ Nilsen (SE) is a composer and sound artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. Recent work has explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia. His original scores and soundtracks have featured in theatre, dance performances and film, in collaborations with Chris Watson, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Stilluppsteypa and others. He co-edited the book+CD publication The Acoustic City (2014), published by jovis. His solo albums Eye Of The Microphone (2013) and The Invisible City (2010) were released by Touch. In 2014, Nilsen collaborated with filmmaker Karl Lemieux on the audiovisual work unearthed, which was presented along with the Sonic Acts publication The Geologic Imagination. In 2017, Editions Mego releases Massif Trophies, an exploration of the alpine soundscape.   bjnilsen.info