[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Luca Forcucci, Cara Stacey, Mpho Molikeng — B(I)e(e)(n)(d)ings: Augmented Ancestral Technologies and Electroacoustic Forms

Artists Statement

Other Realities sub-programme

B(I)(e)(e)(n)ding(s) is an on-going process based project, presented in Durban as a trio (Luca Forcucci, Cara Stacey and Mpho Molikeng) based on experiences and collaborations conducted by Luca Forcucci during last two years and a half in Southern Africa (Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland). The performance merges ancestral and contemporary technology. This includes field recordings collected in the Limpopo region at the border of Botswana. The trio proposes an exploration of bows and wind instruments within an electroacoustic context. Partially written, the collaboration dedicates a big part to improvisation and live composition. The core idea relates to an hybrid form merging Southern African virtuosic instruments techniques, live composition, electroacoustic music technology and collaboration.

  • Luca Forcucci┬áis an artist and scholar of Swiss and Italian citizenships based in Berlin. His research observes the perceptive properties of sound, space and memory. The field of possibilities of the experience is explored as the artwork. In this context, he is interested in perception, subjectivity and consciousness. This leads to electroacoustic compositions, performances, sound installations, and concrete poetry. Luca achieved a PhD in Sonic Arts from De Montfort University and a MA in Sonic Arts from Queens University of Belfast. He has graduated in architecture from Switzerland and studied electroacoustic music with the Swiss composer Rainer Boesch.
  • Cara Stacey, South Africa
  • Mpho Molikeng, Lesotho