[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Jurgen Meekel & Jill Richards — Palinopsia / seeing again

Artists Statement

Palinopsia / seeing again is a laser projection work on a Glow-in-the-Dark (GITD) surface made in collaboration with Jill Richards & BushveldLabs. The 1st try out and première of this digital artwork was shown the ‘Alight block party’ on 1 Sept 2016 in Johannesburg as part of the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival. With a purplish-blue UV laser as a projection source and using fully covered painted phosphorescent canvas as the projection surface, I project after-glowing images that appear line by line (much like a fax or inkjet printer). In this way the projection canvas records the image. The projected image/text elements will diminish in luminosity over time. New elements will be projected as the older ones fade. The way temporality and perseverance leave a finite mark or trace of the projected image positions glow-in-the-dark laser projection between cinema and photography.

Made in collaboration with BushveldLabs engineers Jarryd Bekker and Daniel de Kock

  • A cum laude graduate from the Rietveld Academy of Fine-Arts in audio-visual art and sculpture in Amsterdam, Netherlands, (1989), Jurgen Meekel has been living in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 2005. From 1996 till present date he has also worked on motion-graphics design, animation, camera and sound work, compositing, visual effects, editing and music scoring for video productions in the arts and adjacent applied fields. Currently, he lectures Post-production and VFX at Wits School of the Arts and continues producing, collaborating and exhibiting work in the field of the arts.
  • Jill Richards is a South African pianist specialising in new music. Versatile and dynamic, her interests range from Bach to free improvisation. Her career includes collaborations with numerous composers from around the world. She has a longstanding working relationship with Kevin Volans who has written many solo works as well as piano duos for her. These she has performed with the composer as partner. Jill has worked with Jörg Schäffer, François Sarhan, Rudiger Meyer, Clare Loveday, and many others. She has also toured with live music performances to William Kentridge’s films.