[ISEA2018] Artists Statement: Alex Davies & Sara Retallick — Slipstream

Artists Statement

Art, Science & Us sub-programme


Slipstream is a multichannel sound composition to be experienced in a unique embodied manner; underwater via submerged speakers. Sound materials collected from Durban and surrounds form a site-specific composition that considers the importance of water for a community living in a humid sub-tropical climate. Presented in public pools around Durban, Slipstream will bring art into the everyday ritual in playful and participatory ways.

  • Alex Davies is an award-winning Australian media artist whose practice spans a diverse range of media and experiments with interaction, technology, perception, mixed reality and illusion. In 2013 he was awarded a PhD in Media Arts at the UNSW College of Fine Arts examining the relationship between the techniques of stage magic and the creation of illusion in media arts. He is a Scientia Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at UNSW Australia Art & Design, and has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally.  schizophonia.com
  • Sara Retallick is a Melbourne, Australia, based artist who makes socially-engaged, site-specific work integrating sound, video projection, photography and performance. Retallick’s current practice explores intersections between Australia’s sonic and visual landscapes and the country’s complex colonial histories. She is actively engaged in Melbourne’s visual art and sound communities, and a founding member of CLIP collective – regularly curating shows and performances.    sararetallick.com