[ISEA2017] Tutorial: Paz Sastre & Aisel Wicab — Domains, Publics and Access: WikiSprint for a Media Archaeology of the Present

Tutorial Statement

Domains, publics and access is an ongoing research in media archaeology of the present. The core of the research is a wiki where everybody can collaborate with cataloguing, preserving and documenting projects that offer access for the general public to the domains of art, culture, science, economics, politics and technology. The collection brings together projects that have emerged in different countries from the second half of the 20th century to the present day related to open access, open content, open government, open science, open design, open education, open spectrum, citizen journalism, citizen science, collaborative economy, commons, co-ops, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, cryptocurrencies, DIY, free software, free culture, community currencies, solidarity economy, grassroots media, p2p, piracy, tactical media, etc.

The main goal is to preserve the memory of projects that appear and disappear day by day in different countries using the online tools such as Wayback Machine and MediaWiki. The reason for this is that historically the limits of access have never been stable and will continue to change but we are losing the traces of the present for future generations without even noticing it.

  • Paz Sastre, Mexico, works as a senior research professor of the Arts and Humanities Department at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Lerma, for the Digital Arts and Communications degree. She’s been a member of Laboratorio del Procomún México and is part of Ícono14, an independent research group dedicated to aesthetics and new media in Madrid. She has worked on matters regarding archiving, information society, bureaucracy and public utility through the lens of visual studies. Most of her papers can be consulted online. She has collaborated on projects dedicated to the building, recovery and access of diferent archives, such as the Huichol people’s cultural heritage, Ana Victoria Jiménez’s memoirs on Mexican feminist activism, Laboratorio del Procomún México’s failed repository and Campechana Mental, a digital literacy project at the Rancho Electrónico hackerspace.
  • Aisel Wicab, Alumnos47 Head of educational research, Mexico City (Ciudad de México, 1985) is a media artist that experiments with illustration, video and DIY machines to create light art, live performances and installations. Co-founded the expanded cinema group Colectivo Luz y Fuerza in 2012 and was part of the international live cinema collective Trinchera Ensamble from 2005 to 2011. Currently heads the area of educational research at Alumnos47 Foundation (non-profit organization that promotes knowledge processes using contemporary art) and she is involved in numerous projects that combine artistic experimentation with disruptive education and radical pedagogies. She has exhibited her work in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Austria, France, Spain and Slovakia, at institutions such as the National Center of Arts, Cineteca Nacional, The Mexico City Museum, The Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico and Argentina, The Agora Quebec in Montreal, The Cinéma La Cleff in Paris, The Sammlung Essl and the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. She has been granted by the Multimedia Center (CENART-INBA) in 2012, the BBVA-Bancomer Foundation in 2009, and PAPIIT-UNAM program from 2007 to 2009. alumnos47.org