[ISEA2017] Workshop: Paola Cuartas, Sebastian Gonzalez & Paola Fernanda López — Villages of the world workshop: an aesthetic technological mediation of identities and territories

Workshop Statement

The workshop “Villages of the world”, a technological aesthetic mediation of identities and territories, consists of the creation of a video installation based on the collective construction of contents based on identity, memory and heritage.

The video installation seeks to generate new ways for the habitants of the San José sector of the city of Manizales, Caldas, Colombia (known for their problems of territorial organization) to relate to each other and to their territory through technological mediation, collective construction and participatory approach to community social empowerment.

“Las Aldeas del Mundo” consists of three moments (diagnosing and reflecting, questioning and doing, concluding, proposing and visualizing) characterized by experiential dialogues about identity, memories and heritage in relation to the territory, generating the video installation as a product.

  • Paola CuartasSebastian Gonzalez Paola Fernanda López