[ISEA2017] Workshop: Gustavo Alcaraz, Gonzalo Biffarella & Julio Catalano — Sound Dialogues: From acoustic to gestural

Workshop Statement

In this workshop we will approach critically towards data, considering it as a human political construct and learning to connect several representations of it: numerical, symbolic (code) and graphical (visualization) to speak and potenciate citizen voices, which is becoming more and more important in these times of data collection and releasing and in the particular context of post-conflict and the peace building efforts to come. We will code and create data visualizations and use them to show twitter voices of several actors related with peace building in Colombia.

  • Gustavo AlcarazGonzalo Biffarella Julio Catalano, Colombia. This trio, which was formed in the year 2010 focus on designing and programming interactive gestural controlled instruments. These instruments are the basic tools used in each musical composition. The group has developed different projects around the concept of Memory. By investigating social and political reality in Latin American contexts they generate data bases. These bases are the begging of sound works that construct relations between reference materials, direct testimonies and digital re-elaborations. All this materials are captured in sound and multimedia art works, with both determined and improvised structures.                abctrio.blogspot.com/2014/05/trio-alcaraz-biffarella-catalano.html