[ISEA2017] Tutorial: Kira Decoudres & Adam Zaretsky — Ecology and Eco-art: Seed Sculpture Lab

Tutorial Statement

The performative act of seed sculpting and seed balling is meant increase public awareness of politics and responsibilities surrounding anthropogenic effects on the environment. Through the creation of public installation of sculptures made of organic local edibles, exotics and import species, the computer-aided landscape design of urban architecture was disrupted by the lab’s participants. The pedagogical goals of the lab were to:

  1.  aid in public understanding of the relationship between ecoart and the environment
  2.  implicate participants in anthropogenic ecological effects
  3.  take an active and hands-on tactical stance on these issues and help in public analysis of eco-activist risks and benefits
  4.  get beyond the feeling of being merely living props or ornaments inside the design aesthetics of the urban outdoors
  5.  omprehend the politics, the ease and the responsibilities involved in the intentional release of exotic, non-local and mutant species into our living world
  • Kira Decoudres
  • Adam Zaretsky, Headmaster, NADLinc, Woodstock, New York, USA. Human Genetic Modification Targets Where Anatomically human are the Novel Gene Targets? Gene insertion potential sites genes enter the waterfall of inheritance in human body:  1. Direct to a Human Embryo inside a pregnant women. Embryos have developing gonads: pre-eggs (oogonia) and presperm (spermatagonia). 2. Human gonads: sperm in testicles and ovum in ovaries. Female children and adults, male adolescents and adults. 3. Zygote or developing blastula outside of the body during IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) as a part of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology.) Implantation into a pseudo-pregnant womb or uterus is presently still needed. 4. Human Embryonic Stem Cells (HESc) grown in tissue culture and screened with Florescence activated cell sorter (FACS), then grown into embroid bodies and implanted. Cloning of posthumans possible with this method with the aid of many surrogates interested in co-birthing a technically novel clan or brood.  facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1873576189630989                                                                 ja-natuurlijk.com/site2/adam-zaretsky/