[ISEA2018] Keynote: Memory Biwa & Robert Machiri — Keynote

Abstract n.a.

  • Memory Biwa lives in Windhoek, Namibia. Her research combines memory, performance, sound studies and archival theory. Her research on narratives and performance, as archive, informs notions of subjectivity and the re-centering of alternative epistemologies and imaginaries. Her latest book chapter, ‘Afterlives of Genocide’, appears in, ‘Memory and Genocide: On what remains and the possibility of representation’. Her post-doctoral research on Khoekhoegowab sound recordings from a 1950s sound collection of central Namibia has developed her interests in oral/aural sonority and performative excess. The project expanded into a collaborative performance project, ‘Listening at Pungwe’, with Robert Machiri. ‘Listening at Pungwe’, was presented in Windhoek, Cape Town, Accra, Lausanne, Berlin, and recently at Museum of African Arts at the Dakar Biennale in May 2018.
  • Chi aka Chimurenga (b. 1978  Robert Machiri ) is a Zimbabwean multidisciplinary artist based in Johannesburg. Machiri’s work exists at the juncture of two streams of practice; his curatorial concepts and a multi-disciplinary production of artworks. His works draw on de-colonial discourses that are presented through embodied critique, learning and unlearning, interweaving sound, music and image making. His most notable project PUNGWE is an inter-disciplinary project circling African soundings with related contemporary arts discourses and spaces. Pungwe has produced collaborative works PUNGWE NIGHTS, Listening to a Listening at Pungwe and Sugar free///Pungwe. His current work is presented through a dialectic between object and subject, with inter-medial experiences of sound and image.