[ISEA2018] Paper: Sean Devonport & Richard Foss – A Flexible Approach for the Application of Immersive Audio to an Installation Performance


Keywords: Immersive installation, Object based audio, mobile device control, distributed processing, spatial audio rendering algorithms, networked audio, Ethernet Audio Video Bridging, applied research, live sound engineering.

This paper investigates the use of the ImmerGo spatial audio system and Ethernet AVB as a platform for the creation and deployment of immersive audio content. An analysis of Ethernet AVB and ImmerGo’s features is given. This is followed by a practical implementation of ImmerGo within an installation setting of a choreographed performance. This approach provided key features such as user control from a mobile device to render positions of audio tracks and control DAW transport. The Ethernet AVB network allowed for real-time synchronized audio streaming, audio device inter-operability, distributed endpoint processing and simple audio routing schemes.

  • Sean Devonport & Richard Foss,  Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

Full text p. 12-21