[ISEA2018] Panel: Romain Ré, Ana Paula Sánchez-Cardona, Tania Reyes & GIASF — Mictlan’s Cyber-Cartography, The Search of Mexican Families for their loved ones: A Collaborative Socially-Engaged Art Project

Panel Statement

Keywords:  Mexico, cyber-cartography, collaborative, creative-practice, practice-as-research, socially-engaged, human-rights, Mictlán.

Mexico is living in an extreme humanitarian crisis since 2006, a crisis that has escalated up to an unprecedented situation. Among the different circles of the horror of this contemporary Mictlán—the underworld for the Nahua culture—, there is one especially painful: the kidnapping of civilians. With more than 30,000 people ‘gone missing’, and several independent groups searching for clandestine graves all around the country, the situation is unbearable. This paper addresses the making of a collaborative socially engaged art project that enables a collective of women based in Los Mochis to document their search for their loved ones in rural and urban areas of Mexico.

  • Romain Ré, Ana Paula Sánchez-Cardona & Tania Reyes, GIASF Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Lerma campus, Mexico
  • GIASF is a Group of Research in Social and Forensic Anthropology   giasf.org/asesoriacuteateacutecnica.html

Full text p. 410 – 413