[ISEA2018] Paper: Rodrigo Azaola — Phantom Pain: From Absence Dearest Memories Are Born


Short Paper

Keywords: Linguistic Diversity, Language Loss, Endangered Languages, Creative Practice Research, Physical Trauma, Indigenous Cultures, Restoration.

Phantom Pain is a creative practice research project addressing the extinction of indigenous languages as a consequence of the marginalization of ethnic groups. Specifically, this project focuses on the history of Sirionó people in Bolivia, and how their struggle to maintain its language, almost on the verge of extinction, can be related to physical trauma if society is understood organically as a body. Seeking to mirror the speed, inevitability and impact of language loss, document conservation and restoration techniques were reversed in order to accelerate the destruction of the artwork itself.

  • Rodrigo Azaola is an artist and writer. His solo practice is mostly an ongoing research on the intersection of art, historical narratives and international relations. Founder and member of the arts collective HCRH.  Since 1997, his work has been exhibited in various universities and museums overseas (Santa Monica Barcelona Art Center, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Havana Biennial, AS/COA, Columbus College of Art & Design,etc.) His recent exhibitions include A little better, Airspace Projects, Sydney (2018);  Now&After, ArtplayDesign Center, Moscow (2018); 1812-2016, Muca Roma, Mexico City  (2017); The Natural Order of Things, Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2016).   [source: modelab.info/bios]

Full text p. 329 – 332