[ISEA2014] Panel: Andrea Polli, Nigel Jamieson & Russell Arthur Bauer – Dream Land: Mass Hallucinations and Virtual Changes to Real Environments

Panel Statement

…even nowhere has its twin: everywhere. Silicon Valley has become a nowhere … an obliteration of place, an ultimate suburb, a maze in which wars are designed, diversions are generated, the individual disembodied.”                _Rebecca Solnit from The Garden of Merging Paths.

How are the mass‑hallucinations posited by software developers projected into reality? How do they actually exist in our world? Is the cloud a physical manifestation of a collective subconscious? How does the role of place change in this virtual landscape and how does it translate into the real world, Particularly in the area of perceived value? Everyday, changes in the worth of resources and commodities results in the formation and liquidation of stockpiles. This panel will investigate ways that new technology can change how we can relate to ideas and the affect this has on the shape of our world.

  • Andrea Polli, University of New Mexico, US
  • Nigel Jamieson, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  • Russell Arthur Bauer, University of New Mexico, US