[ISEA2014] Panel: James Partaik – Insertio

Panel Statement

Panel: LOCATION/SPACE: Responsive Environments

James Partaik introduces Insertio, an artistic initiative, which creates art interventions that actuate urban space and its infrastructures, revealing issues implicit to the site, the technologies themselves in a specific cultural context and the creative actions used to transform public space in a tangible way. The paper presents tactics of occupation and imbrications of urban infrastructures exemplifying Insertio’s use of site, devices and art actions that coalesce with the emerging discourses surrounding the issues of art, architecture and urban spaces in the age of the networked landscape.

  • James Partaik (CA) is interested in a renewal of the language of art and is involved in a range of non‑mainstream forms of contemporary art: site‑specific physical computing, interactivity, installations, electronic art, performance and music. Partaik is a founding member of Avatar, an association for sound creation and dissemination at Quebec’s Méduse and is currently a Professor of Digital Arts at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.