[ISEA2014] Roundtable: Scott Fitzgerald (moderator) – Interactivity II: Locating Process & Practice

Round Table Statement n.a.


  • Ayyub Russell Hamilton, Zayed University, UAE
  • Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland, living and working in Montreal and Paris
  • Marco Pinter creates artwork and performances which fuse physical kinetic form with live visualizations. He has a PhD in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Dr Mark Pilkington is a electroacoustic composer, performer and visual artist based in Manchester UK.
  • Sama Alshaibi (b. Basra, Iraq, 1973, now USA), is a multi-media artist who employs the use of photography, video/object hybrids, and installation
  • Joshua Watts is an artist and educator based in Dubai, UAE
  • Scott Fitzgerald, NYUAD, UAE