[ISEA2014] Institutional Presentation: Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry – Land Art Generator Initiative

Institutional Presentation Statement

(Invited Presentation)

Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is a worldwide public arts initiative that offers the opportunity for collaborative teams of artists, architects, landscape architects and designers, working with engineers and scientists, to create new ways of thinking about what renewable energy generation looks like.

LAGI is presenting an opportunity for interdisciplinary, artist-led teams to conceive of large-scale and site-specific public artworks that function as utility-scale renewable energy power plants for cities. The social practice project is centered on biennial design competitions, outreach events, workshops, and educational materials. When constructed, the functional outcomes—land art generators—will serve to inspire and educate while they provide clean electricity to thousands of homes around the world. LAGI solution-based infrastructure art interventions can provide cities with new planning tools that integrate sustainable systems and help provide new relevance for public art in the 21st century. In 2010 LAGI put out our first international call for aesthetic and pragmatic solutions to address climate change. We followed up with competitions in NYC (2012) and Copenhagen (2014). Through these competitions LAGI has successfully brought together thousands of individuals from around the world to conceive of large-scale public artworks for specific sites that have the ability to harness clean renewable energy from nature. The project has been in featured in numerous international press outlets, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Discovery News, Dwell Magazine, amongst others.

  • Elizabeth Monoian, Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI), US
  • Robert Ferry, Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI), US