[ISEA2014] Round Table: Carlos Guedes (moderator) – Connecting Cultures: Research Collaboration and Shared Digital Archives

Round Table Statement

Education often exists disconnected from industry, when both would greatly benefit from each other and possibly fuel innovative and sustainable development of human capital. Research is part of most commercial processes. How can research be servicing and connecting academia and industry, while preserving the neutral integrity within a university system? How can research innovate education and help to gain capital for future ventures within industry and academia? Research begins with documentation and cultural understanding. In the age of technology and heritage preservation, archiving and documentation store knowledge and allow learning for future development. How can we encourage a shared approach to research as a collaboration platform between academia and industry?

  • Carlos Guedes, NYUAD, AE
  • Sue Gollifer (ISEA International HQ), UK
  • Joseph Francis Bihag (Y&R Advertising),
  • Sally-Jane Norman (University of Sussex), UK
  • Aisha Bilkhair (National Center for Documentation & Research/NCDR), Abu Dhabi, AE
  • Nasreen Al Tamimi (tasmena e.V.), Dubai, AE
  • Salwa Mikdadi (Art Historian/NYUAD), Abu Dhabi, AE