[ISEA2014] Round Table: Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry (moderators) – Smart City: Learning from artistic methods to build smart future city spaces

Round Table Statement

The roundtable will look at the creative methods used for innovation, ideation and project governance and implementation and how those methods can impact and directly influence and inspire new forms of smart future city spaces routed in the local urban/cultural and socio-economic context of the city. Best practices of other city developments shall be reviewed and possibilities to innovate based on the artist method of exploration and innovation applied to city development. How does the knowledge of a location influence the creation of a smart city? How can we read the understanding of smart cities beyond the understanding of technology?

  • Elizabeth Monoian, Land Art Generator Initiative /LAGI, USA
  • Robert Ferry, Land Art Generator Initiative /LAGI, USA
  • Janet Echelman (Studio Echelman) USA echelman.com
  • Christine Nasserghodsi (Gems Education) USA/AE  christinenasserghodsi.com
  • Nina Colosi (Streaming Museum, USA) streamingmuseum.org/nina-colosi
  • Usama Alalami (Zayed University) AE