[ISEA2000] Paper: Yan Maresz – The Design of a Virtual Sonic for Dance


Composer Yan Maresz will discuss the production of the interactive musical part of __Al segno__ (François Raffinot and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, choreographers), a performance for three musicians, dancers, an actor and a movement-sensing device based on infra-red sensors. He will describe in detail the interaction between the dancers’ movements and the electronic musical score involving two different modes of sound generation, resulting in two distinct choreographic approaches. In the first, one dancer interacts with sound materials produced by corporeal noises of various kinds (friction, swallowings). In the second, another dancer moves in a virtual instrumental space inhabited by the resonances of the trio’s three instruments. Finally, the composer will present the writing process he elaborated progressively in response to the particular features of the __Al segno__ project, which sought to bring the reciprocal influences of composition and choreography into play.

  • Yan Maresz, born 1966. After studying piano and jazz guitar, Yan Maresz worked as the principal arranger for John Mc Laughlin. He turned increasingly to composition (Berklee College of Music, Juilliard School, Ircam’s Year-Long Program in Composition and Computer Music, Villa MÈdicis). He has received numerous commissions from prestigious ensembles (Ensemble Intercontemporain, Radio-France, Orchestre de Paris). His works are published by editions Durand.