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[ISEA2009] Artist Statement: Susanne Bosch — As long as we await the next day with curiosity

Artist Statement

Film about a bottom-up education movement for migrant and refugee communities at the Thai-Burmese border region. The film documents a number of approaches, and portraits of locals and internationals working in the area on community development. It gives an insight into the importance of the international network keeping the world updated of the situation. Media, online learning and the Internet play a key role in this complex situation. The film gives voice to a variety of people: engaged refugee / migrant community leaders, NGO workers such as English teachers, artists and school leaders as well as programme managers.

  • Susanne Bosch is a practicing artist in public, researcher and lecturer, based in INTERFACE at the University of Ulster, Belfast. She lives and works in Belfast and Berlin. Her special interest is on public art in contested space. She usually works on long-term questions. Since her residency in Istanbul in 2003, she looks at OTHERNESS and Migration in contested societies. She is a trained Conflict Consultant and Open Space Facilitator. She has had various grants, residencies and international exhibitions. She has been selected to realize a public art piece for Madrid Abierto 2009-2010.