[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Anna Ursyn – Computer Generated Plots: No Man-No Shadow, Two Skies, From the Village to the Big City, End of the Street, Goldview

Artist Statement

I convey the natural order and regularity of forms in a landscape. In my computer generated plots the non-verbal signs: balance of line, color relationships and light can conceivably serve as an enlargement of the natural rhythms, patterns and repetitions that make the very essence of our aesthetic experience, as we contemplate the landscape.

I feel the regularity of shapes and events in nature can make a strong aesthetic stimulus for a viewer, which evokes an emotional response, because the viewer has the experience of correctness of the natural order. I feel that similar correctness of order causes an aesthetical experience while creating or contemplating abstract art: where the mode of the work be abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction, or computer art graphics.

  • Anna Ursyn (USA)