[SISEA 1990] Institutional Presentation: Pierre Dostie, Marvin Gasoi, Jacques Charbonneau, Philippe Boissonnet, George Muhleck & Sylvie Readman – Centre Copie Art


Centre Copie Art is a non-profit association run by a group of artists working in the field of electrographie, video and computer art. Founded in 1979 under the name of Galerie Motivation V, our Center is still the only space in Quebec and Canada which works full time in production and promotion of electrography/copygraphy and its interaction with other media arts.

  • Pierre Dostie (Canada)
  • Marvin Gasoi (Canada)
  • Jacques Charbonneau (Canada)
  • Philippe Boissonnet (Canada)
  • George Muhleck  (Canada)
  • Sylvie Readman (Canada)