[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Kenneth Snelson – Pole Scape and Portrait of an Atom

Artist Statement

Most of my computer pictures are related to long-running, on-going, art work I call “Portrait of An Atom”. Because I am interested in the nature of structure, especially when I build large outdoor sculptures, I am also intersted in nature’s ultimate structure: the atom with its surrounding system of electrons. In my pictures of atoms, each electron is represented by its complete orbit, that is, its wave-like pathway, a ring which fills space as if it were solid matter. Finally, even though I believe that the atom ought to be thought of as a genuine structure, no doubt just as logical in its workings as a microchip, my computer images are fantasy landscapes of worlds which might exist, but probably don’t, certainly not in color.

I use a Silicon Graphics computer running Wavefront Technologies software.

  • Kenneth SnelsonĀ (USA)