[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Paul Bloemers – Oren van je Kop

Artist Statement

Paul Bloemers is a Rotterdam based independent designer and has been working on television graphics and animation since 1986. Depending on requirements and possibilities, he uses a variety of systems from low cost (Amiga, Macintosh) to high end. He expects computer animation to become better and cheaper when most of the work (design and modelling) is prepared on smaller machines before going, for the final calculations, to more powerful computers. Exchangability is of prime importance in this case; as far as 3D animation concerns, RenderMan would qualify for becoming a good standard. The leader of the children’s programme “Oren van je kop” was made without RenderMan, on a Dynagraphics DP 4:2:2 and was commissioned by KRO television. Music is by Rens Machielse.

  • Paul Bloemers (Netherlands)