[ISEA2016] Paper: Slavica Ceperkovic – Ideational Drawing as a Foresight Method in Designing Future States of Objects

Abstract (long paper)

This paper examines how artists and product designers could develop objects in a technological social era by using foresight and ideational drawing as a method of inquiry and anticipated development. It examines methods how artists and designers can consider future states of objects that bridge social engagement between users. It also provides a framework for design considerations of how objects may outgrow its technological value over time. The methodology of foresight and ideational drawing aids in understanding how designers can approach and create an understanding how the object could operate in various future world states and its possible comingling. This paper examines how a nested framework process informs how product designers and the designing of objects are interrelated to techno-social experiences. A nested framework process is a series of applied research methods used in combination to approach a complex problem. It argues for the inclusion of ideational drawing as a method to be included in the Popper diamond.

Slavica Ceperkovic, Seneca College, School of Media, CA

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