[ISEA2016] Presentations

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Keynote Presentations

Keynote panel

  • Luc Courchesne, Masaki Fujihata & Jeffrey Shaw, moderated by Caroline Ha Thuc — no title

Long Papers

Short Papers

Poster Presentations


Artist / Work-In-Progress Talks

Technosex, Porn, and Intimacy

  • Cornelia Sotlfrank — Dress of Distress
  • Dana Dal Bo — Algorithmic Pollution: Media Narcissism and the Production of Authenticity
  • Ghislaine Boddington — Future Love: The Internet of Bodies
  • Xin Liu — Tear Set

Digital Ethology

Dreaming VR and Post-Screen


Databases, Interactive Narratives

Games: Aesthetics and Criticism

Game Art



Glitch and Noise

  • Yuichi Ito & Carl Stone, Masashi Yamada & Shinya Miyazaki — fmiDmsHK
  • Ewelina Bakala & Philippe Pasquier — Internal
  • Boris Debackere & Steven Devleminck — All That is Signal Distorts into Noise
  • Nicholas Bratton & Jing Yu — Recursive Function No.1
  • Stefan Tiefengraber — WM_EX10 WM_A28 TCM_200DV BK26

Embodiment and Kinesis

  • Giorgio Olivero — Re-programming and Open Sourcing Kinetic Art from the 1960’s
  • Andréia Oliveira, Evaristo Nascimento, Fabio Almeida, Marcos Cichelero & Matheus Moreno — Entremeios (Between_Milieus)
  • Shaleph O’Neill — Permanent Headwind

Cultural Heritage and Preservation


Poetry, text, print, space

  • Tares Mashtalir — Pythio: Digital Oracle
  • Derick Ostrekno, Jesse Allison & Vincent Cellucci — Causeway
  • Yeohyun Ahn — Creative Code
  • Andrew Demirjian — Color_yourself_inspired
  • Collier Nogues — The Ground I Stand on is Not my Ground: Interactive Erasure Poetry
  • Alessandro Ludovico — The Touching Charm of Print

Animism, Shamanism, Confusianism, Buddhism

  • Michael Hornblow — 5footway
  • He-Lin Luo — Digital Buddha 2015
  • Lisa Park SoYoung — Confucianism’s (in)visible Influence on New Media Art

Sound and Light

Pedagogy, developmental psychology

Body as Archive


Politics, Democracy, and the Posthuman

Cultural Heritage and Politics



  • Paz Sastre — Performativity and Computer Art: Towards a DIY Society
  • Tiffany Sanchez & Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo — Heartwood
  • Rosalie Yu — Embrace in Progress
  • Jasmin Theresa Grimm & Sally Abu Bakr — Future Heritage
  • Tapio Makela — Utopia, Experiment, Hack, Prototype. Transformative Rhetoric and Action in Net Art and Contemporary Maker Culture
  • Jerry Galle — 23′ Download

Interactivity, minds and bodies

Science and Art

Disc*very Channel: Philonature

Human Condition, Ethnicity, Politics

  • Maite Cajaraville & Gisle Froysland — From DNA to NSA
  • Don Ritter — Unnecessary Signage

Toxic Environment

Cryptofinance, Money

  • Perry Bard — Nydkgz
  • Tarasiewicz Matthias — Bitcoincloud
  • Matthew Kenyon & Mclain Clutter — Giant Pool Of Money + domestic/data Occupations
  • David Guez — Kronos: Time Money

Politics and Social Change

  • Glenda Drew & Jesse Drew — Teller Machine
  • Rhys Jones — Videogames as a Tool of Political Activism in Hong Kong
  • glenda drew — Media for Social Change
  • Hamilton Mestizo — Pollution’s Traffic Light Version 4
  • Zane Cerpina — Global Change App

Climate Change

Digital Literature

Bio-art, bio-tech

Digital Identity, Surveillance, Cyberactivism

Catastrophy and Death

Visualization & Documentary

Creative Work and Well-Being

Digital Drawing and Painting

  • Antonin Fourneau — Waterlight Color
  • Rosalie Yu & Alan Chitayat — Skin Deep
  • Tel Achituv — Universal Expression in Computer-mediated Paint
  • Francisca Gonsalves, Ivo Teixeira, Rodrigo Carvalho & Tiago Rocha — Drippigment

Performance and Installation

Participation, Urban Screen, Public Art

Hearing, Listening, Participating

Digital Photography

Audiovisual Performance

Digital Portrait, Social Network

  • Chiara Passa — “Postcards from Beyond, from Elsewhere…” Series Of N Widgets
  • Yu-Chuan Tseng — Digital Portrait Series: David & Amy
  • Claire Jervert — Android Portraits
  • Creama Wong & Claudia Rebola — Group Selfie: Pinhole Camera to Promote Interaction among People

Networked Performance

  • Myfanwy Ashmore — New Machines for Inefficiency: A Device for Interacting with Strangers
  • Mario Humberto Valencia Garcia & Elizabeth Granados Salgado — Restructuring the Presence and Movements of the Audience in Creating Telematics Models
  • Ian Hatcher — Drone Pilot v0.4

Institutional Presentations

Schools and Educational Projects

  • Glenda Drew  & Jiayi Young  — Design @ University of California, Davis
  • Michaela Ortner  & Christa Sommerer  — Selected lnterface Cultures Projects: Practice based Reseach on Interactive Art
  • Matthew Riley  — Playful Studio Practice At MAGI, RMIT University
  • Stahl Stenslie  — Education in Art and Technology at Aalborg University
  • Vladislav Severtsev  — Online Education in Audio Visual Arts

Networks and Incubators

  • Soh Yeong Roh — Art Center Nabi
  • Vicki 5owry & Jonathan Parsons — Cultural Revolution: A Case Study of How Two Experimental Arts Organisations Are Surfing the Wave of Change in Australia.
  • DAVID GUEZ & Anne Roquigny  — Hostanartist
  • Kate Spacek & John Craig Freeman  — Zero1 American Arts Incubator

ISEA and Friends

  • Hongbo Fu  — SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
  • Cynthia Beth Rubin — ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community
  • Andres Burbano & Danielle Siembieda-Gribben — LEAF
  • Bonnie Mitchell & Wim van der Plas — ISEA Archives

Musea and Platforms

  • Ying Wang & Yun-jou Chang — Cinevolution Media Arts Society
  • Hannah Star Rogers  — Emerge: Artists and Scientists Redesign the Future
  • Anna Szylar & Adam Mickiewicz — Forming Historical Remembrance in the Digital Age: How Polish Interactive Musea Deal with National Heritage.
  • Stahl Stenslie — PNEK: Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway
  • Ashley Wong — Sedition: Distributing Digital Art
  • Anders Sundnes Løvlie — Meaningful Personalisation of Virtual Museum Experiences


  • Marco De Mutiis  — Mapping the Phenomenon of In-game Photography
  • Olga Mink — Hack The Body: Critical Reflection on the Blurry Boundaries between Intimacy, Privacy and Technology
  • Marty St James & Steven Adams — Building a New Frankenstein
    Denis Astakhov & Sila Sveta — New Media as a Cultural Presentation Tool
  • Ziva Ljubec, Mujin Bao, Stavros Didakis & Taqi Shaheeo — Technoetic Art in China: The Ascott Studio at DeTao Masters Academy, Shanghai