[ISEA2015] Presentations

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Keynote Presentations

Paper Presentations

Climate Change
Environments + Ecology
Art, Wellbeing and Society
Communities: Culture and Art in the Field
Intangible Heritage
Cities and Urbanism
Communities: Public Art
Exploring Culture through Visualization and Interaction
Interactive Text
GeoPolitics and Activism
Disruptive Methodology
Bodies and Presence
Embodied Interaction and Dance
Expanding Performance
Movement and Bodies
Liquid Transformations
Interacting with the Virtual
Virtual Reality


MetaCreators: The Generative Artists
Generation and Human Factors
Generative Visuals
Networked and Mobile Sound
Generative Sound
Brains in Electronic Arts
Smart Materials
Interacting with Visual Art and Graphic Design
Evaluation and Valuation
Subversion Conceptions

Raivo Kelomees — Artist’s experiment and scientific experiment: the “provability” and creative distinctiveness of an artwork
Julian Stadon — Hybrid Ontologies: An Attempt to Define Networked Mixed Reality Art
Lizzie Muller, Jill Bennett, Lynn Froggett & Vanessa Bartlett — Understanding Third Space: Evaluating Art-Science Collaboration

DIY Instruments and Sound
DIY Processes
Theory and Critique
Navigating Communities and Data

Poster Sessions

Artist Talks

  • Christopher Coleman — 3D scanning, Animation and VR: the Media of METRO: Re/De-construction
  • Karla Brunet — ThalassoGlitch: Disruption on the oceans and data bending
  • Erik Zepka — ‘xoxox.com’, ‘phonics abrogate’ and ‘rust chortle effete’
  • Austin Stewart — Second Livestock
  • Davis & Davis — Hauling Ice
  • Jody Zellen — Expanding Net Art to Mobile Art
  • Jaden Hastings — Experimentation as Performance
  • Robert Lisek — Deciphering Randomness
  • Agoston Nagy & Bence Samu — Shape Composer
  • Adam Trowbridge & Jessica Westbrook — polyCopRiotNode_
  • Milena Szafir & Clarissa Ribeiro — MindRemix [navigational extra-sensorium]
  • Abbey Hepner — Nuclear Illuminations
  • Josh Harle — PirateMaps: disruptive WiFi map server on Raspberry Pi
  • Ana Jofre — Anthropomorphic Objects
  • David Simons — antiThesis: InnaGadda Detective
  • Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould — Occupy the Screen
  • Simon Biggs — A Language Apparatus
  • Dominique Zeltzman — Radical Home: Container as Social Construct, Seducing the Ghost Through the Lens of Performance and Video
  • Mari Ohno — Acoustic Cluster; Floating Sound; Speaking Clock.
  • Michaela Davies — Game On: Duty.
  • Bill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers — Inferno, A Participative Robotic Art Performance
  • Andy Weir — Data Panic
  • Adam Brown — ReBioGeneSys: Origins of Life
  • Dominique Zeltzman — Radical Home: Container as Social Construct, Seducing the Ghost Through the Lens of Performance and Video
  • Maurice Benayoun — Connecting and Disrupting Public Spaces: from the “Tunnel under the Atlantic” to the “Open Sky Campus”
  • Sarah Sweeney — The Forgetting Machine
  • Byron Rich, Heather Brand & John Wenskovitch — IMMOR(t)AL: Biopolitics, Body Sovereignty, and Scientific Practice
  • Peter d’Agostino — World-Wide-Walks / between earth, sky & water / Ice-Deserts
  • Laleh Mehran — Middle East Politics and The Cube
  • Helena Lambrechts, Dieter Brusselaers & Benjamin Vandewalle — Proceedings of artistic research project Peri-Sphere: the choreography of the gaze through analog embodiment
  • Akiko Hatakeyama — Soak
  • Bruce Charlesworth — Retraction: An Interactive Narrative Environment
  • Allison Moore — Suburban Terrarium: Video Dioramas.
  • Patrick Lichty — Revivication of an (un)Dead Medium: Experiments in Slow Scan Television and the Open Source SSTV Art Archive.
  • Benjamin Grosser — Privacy Through Visibility: Disrupting NSA Surveillance With Algorithmically Generated “Scary” Stories
  • Frederick Ostrenko — [HIVE] High-performance Interactive Visualization and Electroacoustics
  • Urich Lau — Video Car 3.0
  • Carole Woodlock & Peter Byrne — Collaboration, change and dislocation: Two Painters reinventing their creative voice through digital entanglement
  • Claudio Rivera-Seguel — Sonic/Reflection
  • Kristin Stransky — Common/Myth: FabLinks
  • Michael Century — Artist Talk
  • Amanda Newall & Antti Sakari Saario — The Hoover Diaries
  • Yael Braha — illUmiNations: Protecting Our Planet
  • Raivo Kelomees — Conceptualization of audience participation in interactive documentary
  • Victoria Gibson — Bandwidth: Interactive Installation, an exploration of Integrated Media Art
  • Agoston Nagy — U-lang
  • Martin Bricelj & Slavko Glamocanin — DarkStar
  • Jennifer Weiler — Mushi
  • Dani Ploeger — Live demonstration of Ascending Performance 2013
  • Andrew Hugill — Land of Lace
  • Tracey Benson — Words for Water and Finding Ghosts: Disrupting ideas of place
  • Gloria R. Gammer — She shows you how
  • Anna Davidson & Mark Chang — The Plant Theremin
  • Maria Papadomanolaki — A certain geography: disrupting site-specific sound through networked performance
  • Azadeh Emadi — Motion within Motion: pixel, frame, body
  • Deborah Cornell & Richard Cornell — Dys/onance and Dys/ruption: Collaboration in video, print and sound
  • Andrea Polli, Erin Fussell & Rachel McCauley — g_olo_g: Choreographing with Networked Mobile Media
  • Ana Carolina von Hertwig — Unfinished Business
  • Tatsuya Ishikawa — Where Virtual Image is Formed
  • Gregory Beller — The Sound Space
  • Joanna Bonder & Adam Polaczek — Camera Linea
  • Yun Song & Jong-Soo Choi — Noise
  • Pirkka Åman, Lukas Kuehne, Matti Niinimäki, Jairo Acosta Lara, Ava Grayson, Karina Jensen, Narim Lee, Sébastien Piquemal & Taavi Varm — Passio Musicae Open Source: Interactive Sonification of the Sibelius Monument
  • Marten Berkman — Remote Sensibility: the ecology of perception
  • Michael Krzyzaniak & Garth Paine — Kiki
  • Catalina Cortazar Valdes — Search Behind the Scenes
  • Thomas Defrantz — The Weight of Ideas: Demonstration of Kinect Interface
  • Tatsuo Unemi & Daniel Bisig — Visual Liquidizer or Virtual Merge
    Matteo Crivella — Resonating Rotation of a Rigid Body
  • Abhishek Narula — Kinetic Voices: A Tangible Musical Experience
  • Peter Bosch & Simone Simons — Mirlitones, a physical and sensorial sonic experience
  • Stefhan Caddick — Gulliver
  • Tarr Kalman, Yung Ki Lee & Pui Yee Leong — RUDEbot
  • Birgitta Cappelen, Anders-Petter Andersson & Fredrik Olofsson — Polly: Disruptive Changes of Practises, Expressions and Experiences
  • Jacek Smolicki — On-going project: on tactical archiving of one’s life via digital instruments
  • Cynthia Naggar — They watched the sea! (ils ont regardé la mer!)
  • Tomas Laurenzo & Christian Clark — Barcelona
  • Jaden Hastings — x0 Planet; Echoes of Alakiwohoch
  • Sherman Finch — Symphonic Infinitum 2015
  • Philip Galanter — Xepa: Autonomous Intelligent Light And Sound Sculptures That Improvise Group Performances
  • Denis Farley — Tracking the unseen
  • Nipesh Palat Narayanan, Girish Chandran & Jhanu Chanthar — Selfie of an Indian City
  • Colin Ives — Work in Progress: The Sinuous Index
  • Jessica Arseneau — Walking A Cappella
  • Judith Doyle — GestureLab: Workshop as Case Study
  • Kate Macdonald & Les Sears — Disrupt! Light Interventions in Public Spaces
  • Jennifer Mawby — @Xcerpt: an experimental social media narrative project
  • Ben Lacker — New Interfaces for Data-Driven Musical Interaction
  • Margaret Dolinsky & Ed Dambik — Hardwired
  • Kelly Dobson, Mengyu Chen, Rebecca Conrad, Samuel Galison, Akiko Hatakeyama, Cho-Tao Huang & Xin Liu — The Energy Propagated
  • Nancy Lee & Kiran Bhumber — Pendula
  • Harshit Agrawal — Creating New Ways of Experiencing and Expressing Poetry
  • Jim Bizzocchi, Arne Eigenfeldt, Miles Thorogood, Matt Horrigan, Jianyu Fan, Le Fang & Justine Bizzocchi — Seasons: A generative audio-visual experience
  • Joel Ong — Forced Intimacy and The Post-Immersive, Parametric Soundscape
  • Ann Morrison — Vibrotactile Language: Bi-directional Interaction between a Vibrotactile wearable vest and a Vibroacoustic Humming Wall
  • Hye Rim Lee — Black Rose Lucid Dream work in progress
  • Suzi Webster — Electric Heart
  • Cecile Le Prado — The Listening Walker: Interactive Sound Walk in a Virtual City
  • Julia Litman-Cleper & Alex Cruse — Unraveling Augmentation: Imaginal Biological Architectures and their encounter with Digital Information Processing
  • Sasha de Koninck — Garments for Uncomfortable Social Situations
  • Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle & Ushi Reiter — Behind the smart world: analyzing 22 hard drives from a West African e-waste dump
  • Peter Hassall, Yulius Yulius & Omnia Amin — Dynamic Kaleidoscope of World Languages in Dubai
  • Elke Reinhuber — The decisive moment in mythology (Part 1: What if Orpheus …?)
  • Alexander Thumm — Pallas of Vines: Branched and Nested Relationships in Video Game Performance and Play
  • Nicole Clouston — Artist as Researcher: Knowledge at the intersection of art and science
  • Sheryl Oring — I Wish to Say
  • Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski — The Future Is Unmanned
  • Claudia Pederson & Nicholas Knouf — Art for Spooks
  • Mike Hornblow — O’megaVille: excursions in planetary urbanism
  • Laurel Terlesky — Intersubjectivity of Touch through the installation project: Hallowed Winds
  • Erin Smith — Growables
  • Donna Szoke — New Work, or, Automatic Control and Utopian Media Devices
  • Zane Cerpina, Julija Spicina & Stahl Stenslie — Earth Cancer
  • Lisa Seidenberg — Sky Is Not The Limit
  • Meredith Tromble — Dance Vortex: Work-in-Progress
  • Francois-Joseph Lapointe — Big Data / Big Problem (The Making of “Artist’s Shit 2.0”)
  • Gary Craig Hobbs — We Come In Peace
  • Brook Pearson & Nathan Fabian — Imaginary Cities: Graffito Series α
  • Marie Lelouche, Antoine Barlet & Cécile Picard-Limpens — I Am Walking In: an interactive sound installation that makes listening to space
  • Eric Smallwood — The Octava Project: Reimagining Concerts in the Moment
  • Eva Sjuve — Metopia
  • Colleen Ludwig — Pod.Field
  • Margaret Dolinsky & Roger Hangarter — The Leaf as Artistic Easel: Painting with Chloroplasts
  • Aina Braxton & Kaylin Norman-Slack — Movement and Sound: a Pathway to Increasing Immersion in Digital Environments
  • Rebekah Blesing — Mined Intervention
  • Jesse Jackson & Luke Stern — Marching Cubes Made Physical
  • Sujan Shrestha — Visual composition with shapes and lines in a three-dimensional perspective
  • Sarah Lahti — Decoration as a Form of Disruption

Panels & Round Tables


  • Arthur Lara, Aila Silva, Antonio Ferreira Junior & Denise Melo — Digital performance in flesh and bones
  • Martin Kusch, Dimitris Charitos, Mike Phillips, Marie-Claude Poulin, Ruth Schnell & Thomas Dumke — EMDL: European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research
  • Nicholas Knouf, Claudia Pederson, Jennifer Gradecki & Derek Curry — Poetic Disruption in a Time of Surveillance
  • Elif Ayiter, Diane Gromala, Mike Phillips & Paul Thomas — Didactic Disruption: Roy Ascott’s Models for Arts Education and Research
  • Anna Everett, D. Fox Harrell, Jennifer Jenson & Soraya Murray — The Visual Politics of Play: On The Signifying Practices of Digital Games
  • Lorna Boschman, Michael Heidt, Vicki Moulder & Robin Oppenheimer — Analyzing Disruptive Tactics and Strategies in Media Activism
  • Claude Fortin, Jean Dubois & Dave Colangelo — Disrupting the City: Using Urban Screens to Remediate Public Space
  • Artur Matuck, Antonio Herci & Ivaldo Brasil — Media design as a creative language, the artist as meta-artist
  • Beryl Graham & C.E.B. Graham — New Collecting: Curating After New Media Art
  • Carlos Castellanos, Tyler Fox & Tagny Duffand Matt Garcia — Human/Non-Human: Biologies, Ecologies and Subjectivities in New Media Art
  • Catherine Richards, Maria Lantin & Maureen Matthews — Objects and Agency: Art, Digital Media, Anthropology
  • Charissa Terranova & Yvan Tina — Complexism: Art + Architecture + Biology + Computation, A New Axis in Critical Theory? (part 1 and 2)
  • Donna Cox — 30+ Years of Artistic Data Visualization: evolution, trends, opportunities
  • Gillian Russell, Dani Admiss & Craig Badke — Disruption Through Design: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility
  • Léon McCarthy, Steve Gibson, Jackson Twobears & Leonard Paul — Disrupting audio-visual paradigms with real-time technology
  • Lizzie Muller & Caroline Langill — Curating Lively Objects: Post-disciplinary perspectives on media art exhibition
  • Stahl Stenslie & Christa Sommerer — Pain, Art and Communication
  • Terry Flaxton, Charlotte Humpston & Leon Gurevitch — Waves of Technology: The Hidden Ideologies of Cognitive Neuroscience and the future production of the Iconic


Institutional Presentations

  • Bonnie Mitchell, Wim van der Plas, Peter Anders, Ian Clothier & Sue Gollifer — ISEA International
  • Diego S. Maranan, Frank Loesche & Sue Denham — Plymouth University CogNovo: Cognitive Innovation for Technological, Artistic, and Social Domains
  • Jen Mizuik, Kerry Stauffer & Tyler Jordan — Banff Centre: the Intersection of Art and Ideas
  • Christiane Paul — Designing a Curriculum for the Post-Medium Age: School of Media Studies, The New School, New York
  • Jil P. Weaving & Laura Lee Coles — Repurposing Urban Space: Arts as the Catalyst for Change
  • Jill Scott — The Artists-in-Labs program: Institute of Cultural Studies, ZHDK
  • Joris Weijdom & Kaisu Koski — HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Media and Performance Laboratory: Learning by doing, making by playing, sharing by performing
  • Sarah Reid, Ajay Kapur & Perry Cook — Kadenze: An Interactive MOOC Platform for Arts & Technology
  • Adam Trowbridge & Jessica Westbrook — Array [ ] New Media Approaches for 2035
  • Alain Thibault — AUTOMATA: Art made by machines for machines 3rd International Digital Art Biennial
  • Aleksandra Dulic — The Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of British Columbia
  • Allison Collins & Db Boyko — Western Front
  • Anastasios Maragiannis — University of Greenwich, Department of Creative Professions & Digital Arts: Digital Grand Challenge
  • Caroline Salaun — Association de création et diffusion sonore et électronique: Avatar
  • Christopher Coleman — Emergent Digital Practices Program at the University of Denver
  • Claudio Rivera-Seguel — University of Concepcion: Master in Digital Communication
  • Cynthia Rubin & Rejane Spitz — Digital Arts Committee of ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Don Sinclair & Mark-David Hosale — Educational Institution: Digital Media Programs at York University, Toronto
  • Greg Corness — Educational Institution: Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College Chicago
  • Janet Bellotto & Adina Hempel — Zayed University, Dubai
  • Jeremy Keenan & Tom Slater — Approaches to the production and curation of multichannel sound art
  • Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo — Soft Interaction Lab, Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University
  • Leo Bridle & Carla Rapoport — The Lumen Prize Exhibition
  • Liane Davison, Jordan Strom & Alison Rajah — Anticipating the Net Generation and Beyond: Surrey Art Gallery’s Commitment to the Production and Presentation of Digital Art
  • Martin Kusch & Ruth Schnell — Digital Art Department, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Matthias Tarasiewicz & Andrew Newman — JRC: Journal for Research Cultures
  • Mike Nutt & Alisa Katz — North Carolina State University Library Program, Code+Art: Computing the Aesthetic of the 21st Century Library
  • Mike Stubbs, Peter Zorn & Susa Popp — European Collaboration and Exchange
  • Moritz Behrens — University College of London: The Bartlett Space Syntax Laboratory
  • Nina Valkanova — Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
  • Patrick Harrop & Robin Dupuis — Perte De Signal
  • Ryan Stec & Remco Volmer — Artengine: a center for art, design and research
  • Stahl Stenslie — Art & Technology @ Aalborg University
  • Stephane Natkin & Cecile Le Prado — ENJMIN: The graduate school of Video Games and Interactive Media