[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Philip Galanter – UNTITLED (CABLES) V072739A

Artist Statement

Analog video with sound (1993)

Untitled (Cables) V072739A is from an early series of generative art videos designed for ambient use in living and working spaces. The motion picture portion was created using video feedback as well as various in-camera techniques. Video feedback can be considered a complex generative system because it exhibits deterministic chaos. The audio portion was created using MIDI synthesizers driven by a sequencer application created by the artist using the Max/MSP programming environment. As the two streams of audio go in and out of phase, long term rhythmic variations are created.

  • Philip Galanter is an artist, theorist, and curator. As an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University (USA) he conducts graduate studios in generative art and physical computing. Philip creates generative hardware systems, light sculptures, video and sound art installations, digital fine art prints, and light-box transparencies. His work has been shown in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Italy, and Tunisia. Philip’s research includes the artistic exploration of complex systems, and the development of art theory bridging the cultures of science and the humanities. His writing has appeared in both art and science publications.

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