[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Jon Flax – GIZA QUASAR

Artist Statement

4 Obsolete Video Cassette Formats, Printed Posters (2015)

Jon Flax’s GIZA QUASAR is an animation series. It consists of four episodes, each four minutes in length, and the series has been taped on four video cassettes – one distinct video cassette system for each episode. The series is named after a fictional star in outer space. The crudely animated episodes tell adventure tales around GIZA QUASAR, its capital, Fuga City, and its inhabitants. With all related original files deleted permanently, the once-digital sequences are left only in physical form. As their readability fades, questions emerge about dependencies between art and technology, and the relation between accessibility and perceived value.

  • Jon Flax is an American visual artist. His work deals with fragmented storylines and aspects of entertainment design, combining various media. Formerly an advertising art director, he has maintained an interest in seriality, branding and items of mass production. Jon Flax is based in Berlin.

Text with images (PDF) p. 54-55