[ISEA2015] Artist Statement: Julian Scordato – ATROPOS

Artist Statement

Electronic Sound (2009)

Atropos evokes images of a dystopian environment. Electronic sounds are generated by a stochastic process that takes its cue from genetics, for example using frameshift mutation, base substitution, and sequence inversion. The implementation is semi-improvised, as it is driven by random generated variables such as sequence, pitch, duration, and dynamics. The formal structure is made of molecules designed as containers, part of an out-of-time category.

  • Julian Scordato (Italy) is a composer, sound artist and music technologist. His electro-acoustic and multimodal works have been selected in international competitions and performed in festivals in Europe, Asia and America. As an author/speaker, Scordato has participated in conferences including SMC, ESSA, CIM and Invisible Places, presenting interactive performance systems and projects related to acoustic ecology. His music has been broadcast in Italy and abroad (RAI Radio3, NAISA Webcast, RadioCemat, Radio Papesse, Radio UNAM and RadioCona) and his scores have been published by Ars Publica and Taukay Edizioni Musicali.  julianscordato.com

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