[ISEA95] Artist Statement: Maurice BENAYOUN – Le tunnel sous l’Atlantique

Artist Statement

Special Projects: Body Matters

Simulation and network technologies present new challenges to the field of museology. Art collections can now be digitized and distributed through telecommunication and computer networks. Moreover, new artistic experiments question the validity and necessity of the institutional sanctions. ISEA 95 Montreal will host a high­speed televirtual telecommunication linking two exhibition sites. The Tunnel under the Atlantic will link Montreal and Paris, allowing both publics to meet and interact in a virtual environment.

  • Maurice BENAYOUN, France. This international award-winning video artist co­founded Z.A Productions (1988) where he does research on computer-generated 3D images while working in the cinema as a special effects art director. He lectures at University de Paris 1 and does collaborative work at CRECA (Centre de recherche et d’etude sur le Cinema) and the CRI (Centre de recherche sur (‘image). His most recent works include Les Quarks, the first 35 mm high-definition 3D series and Dieu est-il plat? and Le Diable est-il courbe?, two virtual reality creations.